Alan B. Weiler, M. Ed.

Skill Sets

Since 1987, Alan has been providing independent software development services, both as an instructional designer/ writer and as a programmer of interactive presentations. Alan has a special expertise at synthesizing complex technical information and presenting concepts in a logical and understandable way to diverse audiences. Alan has been the lead programmer and technical director for numerous individual interactive projects ranging from product catalogs and business presentations to arcade-style games. Prior to his career in software development, Alan completed a Master's degree in Education and taught school for 4 years.

Instructional Design and Writing

As an instructional designer and writer, Alan's duties have included:

Software Product Development

Beginning with the release of Java in 1995, Alan designed and programmed a suite of multimedia development tools called Kallisto Tool Suite. Alan defined a tag-based file format for describing an animated, interactive presentation in a compact manner. Alan programmed the components of the Tool Suite to read and write this file format. The resulting animated presentations run in resource constrained Java-based platforms such as thin clients and mobile phones.

Alan worked with a wide variety of vendors to test and promote Kallisto's tools. In 2003-2006, the focus was to deploy content developed in Kallisto's format and to identify other studios interested in using the tools.

In addition to the completing the program development and user documentation , Alan also used the tools to develop content.

The Kallisto Tool Suite

eLearning Development

Alan is an expert in the use of Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate and Techsmith Camtasia. Alan has experience with a wide range of media editors and data development tools and has in depth knowledge of both MacOS and Windows.

Business Development and Marketing

In 1992, Alan and a business partner established Kallisto Productions, Inc., a boutique software firm specializing in interactive productions. In 2007, Alan took full ownership of Kallisto Productions and conducted all aspects of business development and management. His duties have included:

Project Management and Producing

Alan has acted as producer and project manager on numerous projects with budgets in the $50,000 to 150,000 range. Alan's duties have included:

Technical Direction

As technical director on large scale interactive software projects, Alan's duties have included:


Alan was on the teams for developing these award winning programs:

Some of Alan's clients provided this feedback:

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