Alan B. Weiler, M. Ed.

Writer, Designer, Programmer, Producer

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A Background in Education

Alan began his career as a teacher and taught elementary school for 4 years. After leaving teaching in 1986, he spent a year as a computer salesperson in a retail computer shop. In 1987, he founded ShadowLight Designs, a sole proprietorship providing contract instructional media services. In 1992, Alan became co-founder and President of Kallisto Productions, Inc. Over the course of his career, Alan has developed a wide variety of training and marketing materials. It is his goal to make instructional presentations effective, engaging and easy to use.

In January 2021, Alan joined Future State, Oakland, CA, as a project-based hourly employee. And, in May 2021, Alan joined Accenture, Inc. as part of Accenture's acquisition of Future State. In April 2023, Alan returned to Kallisto Productions, Inc.

Alan was a pioneer in developing two online courses for San Francisco State University and was the instructor for both courses 2000 to 2007.

Alan was the instructional designer on the team to redesign Cisco's Network Academy, college-level online courses delivered each year to over 400,000 students worldwide.

A Writer, Instructional Designer and Interactive Media Developer

Alan has been the lead instructional designer and writer on dozens of projects for the classroom, print media, CD-ROM and Web. Alan has experience with a wide range of media editors and data development tools, including Storyline, Captivate, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, Excel, and Camtasia, and has in-depth knowledge of both MacOS and Windows.

Alan has participated in all phases of instructional materials development including content development, interface design, programming, graphic design and project management. Alan has programmed and submitted numerous final builds ready for deployment and has been the technical director for several substantial multimedia projects delivered to Levi's, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Apple Computer and NEC. Alan has designed and delivered live webinars for training and marketing purposes.

Custom Software Development

Alan has developed authoring systems for delivering animated presentations on Java-based mobile phones. A second platform developed by Alan allowed novice web users to deploy their own promotional mobile web sites using a specially designed Dashboard.

Alan has designed and programmed interactive presentations and games. He is familiar with Java, JavaScript, HTML, HTML5, XML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and PERL, and uses third-party APIs to enhance his software designs.

Business Management

Alan manages client relations, writes and reviews contracts, negotiates with business partners and suppliers, and promotes his company, Kallisto Productions, Inc.

Alan was on the teams for developing these award winning programs:

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